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Jean Delvare khali at
Sun Jan 4 21:19:33 CET 2004

> To really do it properly, it needs to be aware of 2.4 vs. 2.6, due to
> the fact that the ridiculous PCI device unhiding happens at driver
> load in the former, at bootup in the latter.
> I.e. if we only had 2.6 to worry about, i2c-sis96x would have a single
> PCI device entry in the table and detection would be nice and generic
> like all the rest.
> Instead, what I should do is yank all the sis96x and sis5595 entries
> (because that misdetects all 96x) out of that table and write a
> special- purpose function for detecting them properly.
> I'm not a perl wizard (in fact I dislike perl) so I'm inclined to just
> list both devices and attack the rest later, if ever.

If you provide the data and explain to me what I should do with them, I
can do the work for you. I'm not a perl wizard either, but in fact I
like perl pretty much ;)

Jean Delvare

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