VIA VT1211 Port to 2.6.x in progress

BARRE Francois francois.barre at
Wed Jan 7 14:13:30 CET 2004

Hello everybody,

	I am currently working on the vt1211 port from lm_sensors-2.8.2 to
the brand new kernel 2.6.x. It is working quite well (right now only temp°
are working, but the remaining part is not a hard work to do). 
	I first hope I am not working on another people's task...
	Then, it would be kind from you to provide me a kind of API for the
'/sys' interface used by the 'sensors' program. 

	Best regards...

PS : don't be afraid of my email address, I am just a one-year
trainee here, and I'm not working on some linux-related siemens project (are
there any ?).

PSx2 : where could I find a hacker involved (currently or in the past) of
the vt1211 devel, I could have questions for him(/her) about the necessity
of mutexes in this driver...
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