Kernel 2.6.0 and i2c-viapro posible Bug

Jean Delvare khali at
Wed Jan 7 22:30:46 CET 2004

> I thinks that thgere is  probably a bug in I2c-viapro module,
> cuz when i load i2c-viapro after loading w82781d, my computer  just
> put very slow..., i try loading as modules in the kernel or built in,
> in both cases i have the same problem.
> I use 2.6.0 Vanilla Kernel sources.
> Please i will really apreciate if some one responde to this
> mail, put my adress in the CC field please cuz i not in the LKML.
> If someone need another information about my computer, config..
> or somehting more, just ask for it.
> Thanks.

Tested this on my own system with similar hardware (as far as i2c is
concerned) under 2.6.1-rc2. I did not experience any slowdown.

Could you please provide the following information:

* Output of "lspci -n".

* Can you reproduce the problem with a 2.4.24 kernel and i2c+lm_sensors

* Can you reproduce the problem with a 2.6.1-rc2 kernel?

* Can you reproduce the problem without ACPI support enabled into your

* Does the slowdown affect only the hard-disk drive?

* Does the speed come back to normal if you remove i2c-viapro?

* Does the slowdown occur if you load i2c-viapro before w83781d?

Yeah, I know, this is much work, but we need a hint to start digging.


Jean Delvare

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