Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Thu Jan 8 21:34:19 CET 2004

> Yeah it works :))
> Thanky you for your help, really cool =)

You're welcome.

> I'm getting a temperature of 46°C, which is what i expected about. I'm
> also running the ASUS C.O.P feature, which also uses this chip for
> determining the temperature (so i've read somewhere), i hope there
> will be no problems, let's see.

I fear that problem could arise. Could you do a test for me? Unload the
w83l785ts driver, and run "i2ddump 0 0x4e" (assuming your i2c bus has
number 0). Some users have reported "XX" which basically means read
errors. I suspect that this is related to the C.O.P. feature. I'd like
you to do the test with and without this feature enabled, to see if it
makes any difference.

> for know it works fine, i can't believe :)
> regards, fago

Could you please provide a complete patch against a 2.6.x kernel? This
should ideally include changes made to i2c-id.h, chips/Kconfig,
chips/Makefile and of course the driver itself. I could then clean up
whatever needs to be, ensure it applies against our current stack of
patches, and send it to Greg.


Jean Delvare

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