VIA VT1211 Port to 2.6.x in progress

Alexander Isacson alexander at
Thu Jan 8 23:01:45 CET 2004

This is great news! I was in a little over my head on this one.

I spent about a day on the port in mid December and did all the easy
stuff and got a grip of the porting process. But then I realized that I
needed more info for the conversions and what not so I put it on hold
over the holidays. 

I actually resumed work on the driver today and started comparing it to
the via686a driver. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is that my port is almost non-existent
(but I'll of course share any code).


On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 22:55, Jean Delvare wrote:
> > I am currently working on the vt1211 port from lm_sensors-2.8.2
> > to the brand new kernel 2.6.x. It is working quite well (right now
> > only temp° are working, but the remaining part is not a hard work to
> > do).
> Great news :)
> > I first hope I am not working on another people's task...
> Indeed you are, more or less. Alexander (CC'd) once was doing the same.
> No news since mid-December though, so I don't know if he finished the
> port or not.
> > Then, it would be kind from you to provide me a kind of API for
> > the '/sys' interface used by the 'sensors' program.
> Everything is detailed in Documentation/i2c/sysfs-interface of Linux
> 2.6.1-rc1 and later. If something's missing, let us know.
> > PS : don't be afraid of my email address, I am just a
> > one-year trainee here, and I'm not working on some linux-related
> > siemens project (are there any ?).
> Oh my god, he is working at Siemens. Let's be afraid! ;) We have had
> good relationships with FSC in the past, and are supporting three of
> their chips (Scylla, Hermes and Poseidon).
> > PSx2 : where could I find a hacker involved (currently or in the past)
> > of the vt1211 devel, I could have questions for him(/her) about the
> > necessity of mutexes in this driver...
> I hope that Mark D. Studebaker, who is present on this list and wrote
> the driver, will be able to help.
> Alexander & Francois, please get in touch with each other, share your
> works and provide a working driver for 2.6, so that we can have it
> included in Linux 2.6.2.
> Thanks!
Alexander Isacson <alexander at>

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