bus collition

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hi Jean

no MBM does not ignore it,

1- I check if host is busy, if it is then reset it, if still then exit
2- I place the start bit
3- I wait for the transaction to start (check for bit changes), it takes to
long then exit
4- I wait for the transcation to complete, if takes to long then exit
5- I then check for transaction errors, if there are then exit

any exit is a fail.

if you can tell me which smbus mbm detect I can rip out the code I use for
that one, from the post I asume Via, I use the intel code for that one

Regards, Alex

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From: Jean Delvare [mailto:khali at linux-fr.org]
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Subject: bus collition

Hi Alex,

Could you please take a look at this thread (3 posts):

The guy has bus collisions under Linux, but says MBM works fine on the
same system. Am I right assuming that you silently ignore bus collisions
and return the last known value if a collision happens?

Is there a way to know if MBM detected bus collisions? I'd like to know
if the user also has collisions with MBM, this would somewhat innocent
our Linux bus driver ;)


Jean Delvare

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