lm_sensors (missing modules)

hpfaasen at compuserve.de hpfaasen at compuserve.de
Mon Jan 12 10:09:17 CET 2004


after some datalosses, caused by overheated components, I searched for a monitoring-tool and found lm_sensors. The installation went fine, eccept one:
sensors-detect found a sensor on my graphic-accellerator (gForce 2MX), but it could not load the module, cause it´s not in the package. So I tried to get it from the given downlaud-page (http://drama.obuda.kando.hu/~fero/cgi-bin/rivatv.shtml), but that didn't work, because I had no permission for accessing.
Would you please show me another way to get the module and could you give me some tips, how to install it? (I need it, because some problems on the display seem to be caused by an overheated graphicchip and I would like to verify this before I start with hardware-changes like build-in a fan or change the case.) 
Wouldn't it be so much easier to integrat it into the package?

Thanks for your help and the great job you`ve already done!

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