negative voltages in linux 2.6

Mark Studebaker mds4 at
Wed Jan 14 04:04:13 CET 2004

the w83781d and friends appear to be swapped in sysfs AND in the sensors output:
another bug in the drivers?

Adapter: SMBus AMD756 adapter at 80e0
Algorithm: Unavailable from sysfs
-12V:     -12.11 V  (min = -10.88 V, max = -13.18 V)              

Jean Delvare wrote:
> Hi all,
> With Linux 2.6 (.0 and .1 alike) the negative voltages limits seem to be
> swapped. They are displayed correctly by sensors, but inside the chip
> they are swapped (as seen by reading from sysfs directly), causing
> alarms to trigger. This is with an as99127f, don't know if this applies
> to other drivers/chips as well.
> Does anyone observe similar problems?
> What could be the cause of it? I took a quick look at the w83781d driver
> in Linux 2.6.1 and did not find anything suspect there - but that was
> admittedly a very quick look.

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