lm_sensors-2.2.8 -- a comment (+patch) and a question

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Fri Jan 16 14:00:52 CET 2004

> 1. I recently fetched , built, and installed your i2c and lm_sensors
> packages (v2.2.8). I noticed that your Makefiles have been
> DESTDIRized, but unfortunately not completely so. The attached patch
> should add (some of the?) missing pieces.

This has to be 2.8.2, not 2.2.8.

The problem was already reported and fixed, release 2.8.3 includes this
fix. Thanks for reporting anyway.

> 2. I noticed that both packages (i2c and lm_sensors) contain header
> files kernel/include/i2c-dev.h that got installed (in my case) as
> /usr/local/include/linux/i2c-dev.h. These two files are, however,
> NOT identical. Actually there is a rather short one with 1578 bytes
> from i2c and a longer on with 12372 bytes form lm_sensors.
> This is very confusiong and, if I were to install i2c a second time
> (for whatever reasons) might lead to all sort of problems.
> Why these to different versions of the same header??????????

You're right, this is confusing. I think it is a problem of kernel
header vs. user-space header, which is not handled correctly, but I
cannot tell much more.

Maybe Kyösti or Greg can bring us some light?

Oh BTW, note that even with 9 less question marks, I wouldn't have been
able to help, so you could save some.

Jean Delvare

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