i2c_adapter i2c-0: Bus collision!

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sat Jan 17 09:48:56 CET 2004

> sorry to bother you again, but this didn't tell you anything about
> what's going on?

Sorry for the delay. Too much work, not enough time. You know the story
I guess.

> > I forgot to mention it in my last mail, but I sometime has to
> > reload the modules before "sensors" finds any sensor.

As we load sensor chip drivers, we make sure that the chip we want to
handle is what we think it is. Technically, this means reading from a
few registers and compare the values with what we would expect for this
chip. So the same read errors that make your hardware monitoring values
jump make the chip identification fail sometimes.

> > Attached three runs. Seems to be some read errors :( On these three
> > runs I got first three bus-collisions, then one, and last two.

Not all read errors are detected as bus collisions. Anyway, you got
loads of 'XX' as I expected, "moving" from run to run, which means that
your i2c bus is unreliable.

My conclusion would be: bad hardware design generates noise on the i2c
bus, resulting in read errors.

> > > Did you have to enable any particular option in MBM?
> > 
> > Nah, it just worked :)

I asked Alex van Kaam (MBM's brilliant author) about his strategy with
bus collisions. To make it short, he explained he resets the bus on
problems. If you confirm that the smbus MBM detected was Via, Alex will
send me his code so that I can compare with ours, just in case. But I
doubt it'll change anything (our driver is working, it's just a matter
of how errors are - or aren't - handled).

Basically we don't handle read errors at all (because it is so rare).
Handling them correctly would make all chip drivers (and possibly i2c
core and bus drivers as well) more complex. I'm not sure it's worth it.

That said, a similar problem was reported with W83L785TS-S chips (A7N8X
motherboards). I think that the cause is different (BIOS trying to
access the bus at the same time we do) but the consequences are the
same. I plan to add basic error handling to this specific chip driver
(don't know when I'll find the time to do so though). If it works and
could be extended to other drivers as well, we'll consider it.

> > I guess this is unsolvable, but I just wanted to hear what you say.
> > Kinda weird it works so well with MBM, but that's ok. It's just for
> > fun I want it to work.

I think it is work-around-able, but doubt it's worth it. Anyway, thanks
for reporting, as it increased our knowledge of the topic.

> > Thanks for your reply :)

You're welcome. Sorry for the delay again.

Jean Delvare

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