Request for I2C IDs

Jean Delvare khali at
Sun Jan 18 17:55:28 CET 2004

> I hope you're the right person to contact about this. I sent this to
> the I2C mailing list a few months ago, but got no response.

That was the correct address. I see your previous post. Sorry we had no
time to answer then. Greg KH must know about it too.

> I'd like to request the following I2C IDs for the OVCam driver project
> <>:
>   Chips: OmniVision OV6130, OV6630, OV7110, OV7610, OV76BE, OV7120,
>          OV7620, and OV7620AE CMOS image sensors
>   Address: 0x60 (OV6xxx), 0x21 (OV7xxx)
>   Driver: ovcamchip (formerly ovsensor)
>   Driver status: Preparing for 2.4 and 2.6 kernel inclusion
>   Chips: SGS-Thomson TDA7313 and Princeton Technology PT2313L audio
>          processors
>   Address: 0x44
>   Driver: tda7313
>   Driver status: Minimally functional
>   Chips: OmniVision OV511 and OV511+ USB 1.1 webcam ICs
>   Driver: ov511
>   Driver status: In 2.4/2.6 kernel (I2C support under development)
>   Chips: OmniVision OV518 and OV518+ USB 1.1 webcam ICs
>   Driver: ov511 (not a typo; the drivers are in the same module)
>   Driver status: In 2.4/2.6 kernel (I2C support under development)
>   Chips: OmniVision OV519 USB 1.1 webcam IC
>   Driver: ov519
>   Driver status: Under development
>   Chips: Cypress Ez-USB FX2 with OmniVision USB 2.0 webcam firmware
>   Driver: ovfx2
>   Driver status: Experimental

One preliminary note: our authority on I2C IDs isn't unquestionable.
Sometimes people submit patches to the Linux kernel and use whatever ID
they want. It's a shame but it works. So, if someone is quicker than you
to use the following IDs, we may have to concede and have you change
your IDs.

Another note: you shouldn't expect to see any of your drivers accepted
into Linux 2.4 anymore.

Here we go anyway:

#define I2C_DRIVERID_OVCAMCHIP	61	/* OmniVision CMOS image sens.	*/
#define I2C_DRIVERID_TDA7313	62	/* TDA7313 audio processor	*/

#define I2C_HW_SMBUS_OV511	0x0e	/* OV511(+) USB 1.1 webcam ICs	*/
#define I2C_HW_SMBUS_OV518	0x0f	/* OV518(+) USB 1.1 webcam ICs	*/
#define I2C_HW_SMBUS_OV519	0x10	/* OV519 USB 1.1 webcam IC	*/
#define I2C_HW_SMBUS_OVFX2	0x11	/* Cypress Ez-USB FX2 USB 2.0	*/

Greg, should I send a patch to you with these?

Jean Delvare

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