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Mon Jan 19 15:03:26 CET 2004

Jean Delvare wrote:
>>I've got the Elitgroup 865G-M motherboard.
>>sensors-detect shows that it use Winbond W83637HF Super IO Sensors.
>>But seems, at now there is no plan to support it yet.
> No plan yet, as you guessed. But a data sheet is available from Winbond
> [1] and the chip doesn't seem to be too different from the W83627HF, so
> it should be possible to either write a new driver using w83627hf as a
> template, or even add support for the W83637HF chip to the existing
> driver.
> Let us know if you start something, so that we can add it on our page
> and give you the contact information of a potential tester.

I'm sorry but I'm not a system programmer. I even not a C programmer.
I've done few modification of w83627hf.c file (see attacment). So,
at now, I can load w83627hf.o module. I even see some "files" under 
# ls /proc/sys/dev/sensors/w83637hf-isa-0290/
alarms  fan1  fan3     in0  in2  in4  in6  in8   pwm2     sensor2  temp1 
  temp3  vrm
beep    fan2  fan_div  in1  in3  in5  in7  pwm1  sensor1  sensor3  temp2 

But I see no output from "sensors" command (I've copied a section in
sensors.conf from w83627hf section) and "sensors -s" produces errors:
# sensors
Adapter: ISA adapter
Algorithm: ISA algorithm
# sensors -s
Error: Line 1862: Unknown feature name

So, I can be helpful only as a tester.

> [1]

Thank you for the answer.

Andrei N.Sobchuck
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