Any update on a driver for the PCA9555?

Jean Delvare khali at
Mon Jan 19 22:54:06 CET 2004

> What happened was that our motherboard (Which actually has an SMBus
> header on it to hook dohickeys up to) seems to have the SMBus
> controller disabled (it doesn't show up in lspci or anywhere, and
> nothign seems to be able to identify anything), so we scratched our
> plans to use the PCA9555.

I think this is something common that can usually be solved. See
prog/hotplug in our lm_sensors package if you're interested. I guess
it's a bit late though.

> I can provide the driver to you if you like, but again, I can't
> guarantee that it will even compile (however, if it doesn't, the fixes
> are probably just minor things like syntax errors).  I think I have
> everything down to where it should be pretty easy to get working.
> If you would like the file, just reply and I'll forward the source on
> to you.

Yes, please send it. Especially Timothy seems to be interested.


Jean Delvare

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