KT400a / VT8235

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sun Jan 25 16:34:32 CET 2004

> My problem is related to a Fujitsu-Siemens (AMILO A 7620) laptop.
> It seems that chipsets are supported, but I cannot successfully run
> sensors-detect AND probe 'non-detectable'.
> However, I have succeeded in running sensors-detect WITHOUT probing
> 'non-detectable', but the output from sensors is only:
> [root at flaptop root]# sensors
> eeprom-i2c-0-51
> Adapter: SMBus Via Pro adapter at 0400
> Algorithm: Non-I2C SMBus adapter
> Memory type:            DDR SDRAM DIMM
> Memory size (MB):       512

Non-detectable devices are really rare ones, this is why probing them is
disabled by default in sensors-detect. Maybe we should add a warning
stating that ordinary users shouldn't try this, or maybe we should even
remove support from sensors-detect. So far, it has caused more trouble
than it helped.

Please provide the output of sensors-detect without the 'non-detectable'
probes, so that I can tell you more about what you can do with our
package. Don't forget to unload all i2c drivers before doing so, or the
results may be unreliable.

Jean Delvare

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