Ticket #: 1533 / Cant use Sensors -s

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sun Jan 25 18:59:40 CET 2004

> Maybe there should be something added to the error message that this
> can also be caused by wrong settings in sensors.conf

Well, that kind of error isn't supposed to be present (even in a
commented out state) in the default configuration file. And users are
not supposed to add random commands in there either.

> > Thanks for the report.
> Thanks for helping me, even the problem was that simple and caused by
> me:) 

Let us share the guiltiness, since the default configuration file was

For one thing, it confirmed that I should always ask for a strace first.
Looks like it solves half of the problems with sensors and sensors -s.

I'll be closing your ticket.

Jean Delvare

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