Follow up for Ticket 1538

Pierre Lamon pierre.lamon at
Mon Jan 26 13:18:41 CET 2004


thanks a lot for your quick answer! Before following your advice I want to
make sure I understood.

>Reply from support:
>we have just submitted a new parport driver to 2.6 that consolidates
>all the previous parallel port drivers.
>You may wish to try it.
>If you want to use kernel 2.4 then you want the driver that matches
>what you built; see the info in our doc/ directory in our i2c release.
>For more info on the new driver if you can´t find it email us,
>ref. your ticket #.
>MDS 1/24/04

1) Could I take the latest cvs version of your i2c directory and copy the
files into the linux-2.6.1 directory (I'm using 2.6.1)? What is the best way
to update the kernel sources?

2) Should I use i2c-pcf-epp for the following circuit? Is this the right
driver to use? Which i2c modules should be insmoded at the same time?

Thanks a lot for your help

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