Fujitsu Siemens sensor HERMES

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Mon Jan 26 22:01:52 CET 2004


Jean Delvare wrote:

>>Is there a guide, how to port the sensors program?
>>Without changes, sensors just gives me the following:
>>Adapter: SMBus I801 adapter at 2000
>>+12V:           +11.86 V
>>+5V:             +5.05 V
>>Battery:         +3.05 V

The above is for kernel 2.6.1 and below for kernel 2.4.22:

Adapter: SMBus I801 adapter at 2000
Temp1/CPU:      +50.00 C
Temp2/MB:       +41.00 C
Temp3/AUX:      +32.00 C
Fan1/CPU:          960 RPM
Fan2/AUX:          960 RPM
Fan3/PS:          1680 RPM
+12V:           +118.58 V
+5V:            +50.47 V
Battery:        +30.54 V

The problem is, that the voltage values still need to get devided by 10.

Shall I scale the values by 1000 for kernel 2.6.1 and by 100 for kernel 2.4.22 
and remove the factor 1000 from sensors.conf?

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