asb100 bug

Nyeste Mihály nymisi at
Tue Jan 27 16:02:04 CET 2004


I reported a bug of asb100 chip at:

The reply was the follow:

"Is there a BIOS option you can disable, e.g. Asus "COP",
"QFAN", or some such?  My guess is that the BIOS is
somehow interfering with the asb100 driver.  Otherwise
I don´t know how this could happen.

You could followup with a message to the mailing list:
<sensors at> (no need to subscribe)
Let us know what board you have, and if the above
suggestion solves the problem.

MMH 2004-01-26"

The answers:

mobo: ASUS A7V333-X (BIOS rev. 1004)
There is a "Q-Fan Control" option in BIOS, but is disabled. The "COP" is
a property of the mobo, but i can't turn it off in BIOS.
So the above suggestion doesn't solve the problem. 


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