Follow up for Ticket 1538

Jean Delvare khali at
Tue Jan 27 22:00:30 CET 2004

> thanks a lot for your answer. I've finally choosen not to use the
> PCF8584 for interfacing the i2c bus because I was not able to modprobe
> it whatever the kernel or the i2c-x version (I've been trying for
> around 3 days). However, I'm still interested to know if it has been
> tested and if anybody uses it successfully.

I'm surprised you couldn't get it to work. As far as I know, the driver
is precisely made for people who build a board according to Simon Vogl's
schematics. If you provide details about the failures, we might try to

> Finally I'm using direct parallel port access and everything works
> fine with the i2c-pport driver :-)

Great. Couldn't you do the same with more simple parallel-ports
adapters, such as i2c-philips-par, i2c-elv or i2c-velleman? These have
been ported to Linux 2.6 already, and are supported by my unified driver
too, while i2c-pport hasn't been ported and isn't part of the unified

Actually I wonder if I will port and/or integrate the i2c-pport logic in
Linux 2.6, because in most cases, the additional complexity shouldn't be
required. But if you really need it, I'll think of it.

Jean Delvare

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