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Jean Delvare wrote:
> [Don't forget to CC: the mailing list on replies please]

Well, all mails so far, have had a reply-to address. Just the last one had 
not. I'll have to be more careful then ;-)

>>>>Basically this means the following conversion table, if I'm not
>>>>0..2 -> 1 (div=2)
>>>>3..4 -> 2 (div=4)
>>>>5+   -> 3 (div=8)
>>I don't think, that this a good idea. If you recall an email from me
>>about VERAX fans, which supply 9 times as many pulses per rotation as
>>normal fans do, those fans would require a div of 18. This value would
>>then silently be converted to div = 8 and results in less then one
>>halve of the actual fan rpm.
>>In my opinion, the driver should complain about any div values it
>>doesn't support, and simply do nothing as it wouldn't be what the user
>>expected, anyway. Therefore, once again the question: How should the
>>driver inform about/react on unsupported div values?
> Well, this makes sense, you're right. You get the point.
> In my mind, there was no possibility to return an error code, so you had
> to accomodate the best you could with the input, and keep quiet. By the
> way, what does conretely happen if you try to write a wrong value to the
> sysfs file?

video:/soft/src/lm_sensors2/kernel/chips # cat \
video:/soft/src/lm_sensors2/kernel/chips # echo 1 > \
video:/soft/src/lm_sensors2/kernel/chips # cat \
video:/soft/src/lm_sensors2/kernel/chips #

Nothing special. The invalid value is simply ignored. Although set_fan_div() 
returns -1 in that case, echo doesn't show any error.

How about adding a printk() for that case?

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