[PATCH 2.6] ADM1030 and Co sensors chips support for 2.6.7-mm1 kernel

Alexandre d'Alton alex at alexdalton.org
Thu Jul 1 09:40:32 CEST 2004

Greg, Mark,

Please find (attached because my mailer wraps lines.) an incremental patch that
applies on top of the previous one (the one from the first message of the
thread) and that adds parenthesis to the macro as pointed out by Mark.

Please apply,


Quoting "Mark M. Hoffman" <mhoffman at lightlink.com>:

> Hello:
> > Quoting "Mark M. Hoffman" <mhoffman at lightlink.com>:
> > > A recent driver core patch *necessitates* the trailing semicolon for
> > > DEVICE_ATTR().
> * Alexandre d'Alton <alex at alexdalton.org> [2004-06-30 09:33:01 +0200]:
> > In fact, I already put the semicolons on the iner calls to DEVICE_ATTR(),
> but as
> > when I "instanciate"
> > the macros I put a semicolon, I thought that it was unnecessary on the last
> one.
> > If you confirm that I have to add them, I'll be glad to do it.
> No, you're right.  Sorry for the noise.

Mark : No problem :-) better to put only almost perfect stuff on Linux.

> Regards,
> -- 
> Mark M. Hoffman
> mhoffman at lightlink.com
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