Email loop, bounced mails

Jean Delvare khali at
Tue Jul 6 19:06:08 CEST 2004

> This morning I noticed an accumulation of 250+ emails that seemed to 
> originate from the list that were looping.  I think the filter kept
> them from going to the entire distribution (I hope!).  In any case,
> the problem is solved now.  I hope no one else but myself was
> effected.

It did not, the whole list (including archive) was affected. The emails,
generated by's postmaster, had severly broken headers.

To: "lm78 at 
 From": "Mail Administrator <Postmaster at> 
 Reply-To: Mail Administrator" <Postmaster at> 
 Subject: Mail System Error - Returned Mail

Note the unbalanced quotes, and I also believe that the end-of-lines
were not correct. This is obviously the reason why the filter did not
catch them. I also noticed a badness in the mime-type, which included
the error message. Again I think it's an issue with line terminators.

Thanks Phil for fixing the problem. Frankly there's nothing you could
have done IMHO, the headers were just too broken. One think I'm thinking
of though is that you could reject messages with empty subject. It would
at least have caught this one...

The responsability is definitely on's side. I e-mailed them,
no answer yet. I would certainly not recommend them to anyone...

Andrew, can you please delete all the offending mails from the list
archive? These are the ones who read "# [no subject] LM_Sensors
Development Group". These are adding noise to the list and are also
wasting your disk space with no benefit.


Jean Delvare

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