bug : mkdev.sh creates devices that sensors-detect cannot use

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Fri Jul 9 13:01:41 CEST 2004

>> First of all, which version of lm_sensors are you using?
>As above, version 2.8.7 . I downloaded it yesterday using :

Ooops, sorry. I missed the information at first, my bad.

>> If you are using the latest version if sensors-detect AND you use
>> devfs AND you have i2c-dev loaded AND sensors-detect still complains,
>> then this is likely to be a problem with your bus driver (i2c-viapro).
>When I insmod i2c-viapro, devfs doesn't create any new devices. However,
>after reading your response this morning, I removed all the i2c devices
>I created, rmmodded all i2c modules except i2c-core and i2c-dev and
>reran sensors-detect. The same message appeared:
>Can't open /dev/i2c/0
>but I continued with the config process, ran sensors and voila! works

Hmm, strange. I guess that your hardware monitoring chipset is located on
the ISA bus (thus using i2c-isa instead of i2c-viapro)?

I don't use devfs myself, but I think that it is OK not to have
/dev/i2c/0 with only i2c-dev loaded. Device files should be created as
you load bus driver modules. Could someone with devfs confirm this?

I don't think you told us which (exact) kernel version you were using,
did you?

>Now that I have it working, lm_sensors will be installed on all of a
>client's servers (+- 200) and will be used to provide valuable, hitherto
>inaccessible information about the state of their cpus and fans. If this
>is successful, as I'm sure it will be, it is intended to roll out
>lm_sensors to some of our other clients too.

Do all of these servers have similar hardware? Remember that your
experience with lm_sensors depends much on the exact hardware

>Please accept an apology for my hasty assumption and thanks for a
>great and essential tool!

I don't see much you should apologize about. Although it didn't seem to
prevent you from using lm_sensors, there still is something bad with
your hardware/devfs/lm_sensors/kernel combination and we better find out
what it is. I admit I don't have many ideas at the moment, mainly
because I don't use devfs myself so there is no chance I could
reproduce the problem.

At least, one thing we could do: detect devfs at the beginning of
mkdev.sh, and bail out with a message instead of silently creating
useless device files?

Jean Delvare

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