Cant access procfs: lm-sensors-2.8.6 linux-2.6.7-gentoo-r11

Rudolf Marek R.Marek at
Wed Jul 28 13:22:46 CEST 2004


> I used to use old userspace tools with my 2.6.* kernel.  When updating to
> 2.6.5, I noticed that I would need the newer lm_sensors 2.8.6.  I tried to
> change as little as possible in the transition, and I compiled the i2c modules
> for the new kernel as expected.

You made just make user_install correct to lm_sensors package downloaded
from us? (no gentoo package, maybe try the gentoo package instead)

If I undestand correctly you are using gentoo kernel.

We had always trouble with gentoo people and we cant support their kernel

huh very strange message "permission denied"

Only thing I can advice is:

1) install "vanilla" - original linux kernel
2) install lm_sensors from our web site (make user_install)
3) make sure you dont have any old library in /usr/lib/ (delete all

Again I'm sorry we cannot support gentoo modified kernels now.
Try to find some gentoo forum for help.



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