soekris net4801, at your service.

Jim Cromie jcromie at
Wed Jun 9 04:53:00 CEST 2004

hey folks,

I just got a soekris net4801, and Id like to offer it up as
a test/development target.

It has a Geode SC-1100 processor, an i2c/sms bus, a pc87366 super-IO, etc.

Since Im new here, and new to LKM hacking generally,
heres my (relevant) story, so you know what limits youre dealing with...

I followed Mike Machado's recipe:
so I have a small debian setup running there,
either via NFS, or the CF onboard.

Ive also got 2.4.26-adeos running on it, (adeos.o loads.. I havent tried 
anything else)
an ov511 webcam, and a bunch of other {drivers/}net/* modules. (again, 
they load..)

Ive patched pci.ids to add some Geode-Fu, which shows up in /proc/pci
Where should I ask what 'good' identification strings are ? here ?

I also forced scx200.c to recognize PCI DEV ID = 510 in addition to ID = 
and the module loads. ( Ive gone no further yet, I dont want to burn my 
box )

Im a perl geek, so hi Jean Delvare, Id love to get my hands on some of
your test-scripts, theyll help a lot in giving me some context, use cases.

thanks all, hope I can help,

Jim Cromie

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