2.6 kernel - IT87 - Issues

Richard.Bair at kendro.spx.com Richard.Bair at kendro.spx.com
Wed Jun 23 19:01:23 CEST 2004

I thought I would share my experience and ask some general status 
questions.  I´m using MDK 10.0 official 
download and installed lm_sensors 2.8.4 which is distributed with it. This 
running on an IDEQ 200V (M7VBA motherboard).  I noticed that my IT8705 was 

recognized and some EEPROM on my SRAM.  I very quickly had sensors.conf 
configured and the only issues I had where that my BIOS only shows CPU 
(temp2) and it does not show -12 or -5 or Vcore2 which is just under 
(~0.15V).  The output of sensors showed good agreement with all that the 
shows and temp1 (M/B temp) and temp3 seemed reasonable I just don´t have a 

BIOS output to compare with.  The sensors output of -5 and -12 was screwed 

(ex. -12 was ~-19 V!).  I was also a bit surprised that my IC was located 
in /sys/bus/i2c/devices/0-0290 until I read about 2.6 directory changing. 
all in all sensors is working EXCEPT no fan control.  My fans appear to go 
100% pwm...annoying as I purchased this as my quiet pc in my guitar room! 
I know not everything is 2.6 ready so...What is the status of fan control 
2.6?  Are the fancontrol and/or pwmconfig scripts 2.6 ready?  Also, I 
know is this is pertinent but when I run acpi -V I only get the CPU temp 
agrees well with temp2 (CPU temp) but why wouldn´t I get additional 
information like sensors provides?  I realize acpi might be completely 
separate from i2c but as I know next to nothing I thought I would ask.


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