Holub Zoltan fako at freemail.hu
Thu Jun 24 00:03:06 CEST 2004


I have two asus p5a-b motherboard.
The first one is Rev 1.03, the second one is Rev 1.04

In the bios i see the cpu and mobo temperature, it works fine.

I using kernel 2.6
This mobo needs ALI15X3 hw bus, and Winbond W83781D sensor chip driver.
With these drivers i see the sensors on sysfs.

The only difference is with rev 1.04 the i dont see the mobo
temperature value.
It show constantly -48 celsius. (bios shows correctly)
MB:        -48.0°C  (high =   +80°C, hyst =   +75°C)
With 1.03 mobo the mb temp is showed correcty.

The cpu temp, voltages and fan speed is showed correctly on the two mobos.

I am using same bios on the two mobos.

I tried with kernel 2.6.6 and 2.6.7.

Is it a sensors bug or something wrong with the mobo?


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