Return code of i2c transaction ignored in lm87

Jean Delvare khali at
Fri Jun 25 14:56:58 CEST 2004

>I was reading through the lm87 code and noted (unless I am missing
>something...highly possible) that an error return code from the I2C layer
>seems to be ignored.  First off, am I reading this right, and secondly
>is this on purpose (i.e. is there some reason that this is the right thing
>to do that I am not getting)?

Please review the 50 other chip drivers. If you can find one which *does*
handle i2c-layer errors properly, let me know ;) [1]

More seriously, no, you're not missing anything. All our drivers are
shamelessly ignoring errors. This has been reported many times, see for
example these tickets:
And there's probably more in both the ticket base and the mailing-list

The (bad) reason behind this is that most likely, if there are read
errors, the driver will be unusable anyway.

[1] The only driver handling the errors correctly as far as I know is the
w83l785ts. I implemented it because there is a popular Asus board using
this chip and Asus' C.O.P. "feature" interacts with the chip
repeatedly, causing frequent (as in a few percents) read errors.
Detecting such errors and retrying reading fixes the problem in most

A similar method could be implemented in other chips, but when people
complain, we usually spend time trying to fix their bus (either driver
or hardware) instead, since that's what is really needed.

At any rate, I would not work on this in 2.4 anymore, but more likely in
2.6, where having more "serious" drivers would be welcome.

Jean Delvare

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