p4b_smbus driver reworked

Henning Schmiedehausen hps at intermeta.de
Sat Jun 26 18:38:41 CEST 2004


this is a reworked and extended version of the prog/hotplug/p4b_smbus
driver. I needed to add support for the ICH3-M (as found in my Toshiba
Satellite 5200 Laptop) and did some work on the program logic. I didn't
want to kill the p4b code so I renamed the source, README and Makefile,
but basically this is the same as p4b.

Simply unpack into the lm_sensors tree, build it and enjoy. Feel free to
add it to the next releases of the lm_sensors package.

(I did read the notice about 2.4.23. However, Fedora is still on 2.4.22
so I feel that this is valuable to many non-p4b Fedora users).


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