[PATCH] i2c-prosavage.c section usage

Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Mon Mar 8 18:17:39 CET 2004

On Mon,  8 Mar 2004 16:02:28 +0100 Jean Delvare wrote:

| Quoting "Randy.Dunlap" <rddunlap at osdl.org>:
| > prosavage_remove() is called during init, so it shouldn't be
| > marked as exit code.  (It matters when CONFIG_HOTPLUG=n.)
| > (...)
| > // Linux 2.6.4-rc2
| > // prosavage_remove() shouldn't be marked as __devexit;
| Wouldn't a more correct fix be that prosavage_remove would not be called
| during init? Looks to me like this function will do almost nothing when
| called at this point (because the driver hasn't fully intialized yet).

You could be right about that, I didn't look at the details very much.
However, it's not unusual or incorrect for an init failure to need
to cleanup in much the same way that exit needs to cleanup.
I have seen other drivers that do this.

| I took a look at the other drivers and no other one does handle this
| particular point the way i2c-prosavage does. This makes me think that
| it isn't the prefered way to do it. For example, i2c-savage4 could be
| used as a template to modify i2c-prosavage.
| On the opposite side, i2c-ixp42x and i2c-keywest do not use __devexit_p
| for their .remove callback functions, while I would tend to think that
| they should do so, since their aren't called explicitely like it is
| done in i2c-prosavage.
| (BTW, I don't much see how this is related to CONFIG_HOTPLUG, if you
| could explain this to me...)

Sure.  In include/linux/init.h, there are these lines:

#define __devinit
#define __devinitdata
#define __devexit
#define __devexitdata
#define __devinit __init
#define __devinitdata __initdata
#define __devexit __exit
#define __devexitdata __exitdata

so if CONFIG_HOTPLUG is enabled, the __dev* defines are "empty",
and if CONFIG_HOTPLUG is not enabled, the __dev* defines allow those
code and data sections to be discarded (not always present).

The reasoning is that for HOTPLUG=y, init and exit code can be needed
at any time, not only at module init/loading e.g.
But for the HOTPLUG=n, the init and exit code/data can be discarded,
it doesn't need to stay available.

Does that help?


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