Technical reference - Ali M5879

Stefano Tubaro tuby at
Wed Mar 17 08:25:43 CET 2004

Dear Jean,

Thank you for yor e-mail.

I've tried to test your sensors-detect on a Suse 8.2 distribution, but I've
seen that the i2cdetect file is missing.

This week I'm very busy on driver development under XP.
Next week I will install the latest versions of i2c and sensors packages and
I retry your new detection program.

By the way, on Suse 8.2 I was not able to detect a Texas Instrument BQ2060
smartbattery controller.
There is a detection of a I2C chip at address 0x0B, but the smartbattery
detection fails.
I'll retry this detection too, after upgrading the i2c/sensors packages.

Thank you again and Best Regards


From: Jean Delvare
To: Stefano Tubaro
Cc: sensors at
Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2004 7:25 PM
Subject: Re: Technical reference - Ali M5879

> I read that you don't have any technical reference for the Ali M5879
> hardware monitor.
> Here you can find it

Thanks :)

I used it to add detection support in sensors-detect. If you do own such
a chip, I'd like you to give it a try and confirm that it works for you.
(You'll need a recent version of i2cdetect for it to work.)

Thanks again.

Jean Delvare

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