Follow-UP to ticket 1578 as requested

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Sat Mar 20 17:50:00 CET 2004

Hello Jean,

I guess the next thing I will try to work out, is to find out which
values are reported and which seem to be missing, concerning the
naming etc.
Saturday, March 20, 2004, 5:37:00 PM, you wrote:

>> I upgraded my kernel and  I just used newer packages of i2c and
>> lm_sensors from gentoo, which are not oficially released.
>> After that, the winbond gets used, the readings look okay in majority.

JD> Great :)

>> Just one fan is reporter at 0 rpm, and there's a couple fans as well
>> as one heat sensor missing and I got no clue, where to get the data.
>> :-)

JD> Maybe you need to increase the fan divisor (see doc/fan-divisors).

True that, I will check that, but after skipping a nights sleep, I
will keep that for soem other day ;-).

JD> As for the missing sensors, according to the output of sensors-detect
JD> from your first post, it's not something we support.  Maybe you can get
JD> the values from ACPI.

Sounds interesting, I will check on that too.

Thnx so far.

Best regards,
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