i2c-pcf-epp, i2c-algo-pcf, ticket 1622

Mark Studebaker mds4 at verizon.net
Sat Mar 20 23:41:25 CET 2004

best way is to send a patch to the mailing list.

Michael Weber wrote:
> Dear developers,
> let me give you a short note about my project. I want to make an old
> stage light equipment (24x dimmed lights) programmable. It's a highschool
> theatre group, so the budget is very low. I don't want to use DMX.
> I've built up a i2c controller with a PCF8584 wired to the printerport,
> but mixed up the clock capabilities with another chip, so have to add an
> oszillator.
> The kernel patching compilation of the cvs i2c under debian with some
> patches was trike and took me some compile time. So i've hacked
> kernel/Module.mk to build and install i2c-pcf-epp.o, as usual. Now I can
> mod the sources and the compilation of the modules takes 5 seconds.
> I've found some problems and critical circumstances in i2c-pcf-epp and
> fixed the irq freeing in case of  failed modprobe. Another point is a
> wrong adress in a debug output (see ticket).
> Can I contribute this and following improvements (i hope so) to your
> code/cvs? I'm not used to cvs, so give me an hint.
> thanks for your time
>    Michael Weber
> ---
> Michael Weber
> MMC StartUP GbR
> email: michael at mmc-startup.com
> mobil: +49 171 5235201

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