adm1021 (probably) does something VERY,VERY BAD

Jean Delvare khali at
Thu Mar 25 15:34:21 CET 2004

Quoting Eric <plukje at>:

> root at pathfinder eric # i2cdump 0 0x4e
> (...)

Great, at least we have a preliminary idea of what it does look like. I
don't have an idea about what it can be though.

It would be interesting if you could try to dump it again from times to
times, preferably with changing conditions (e.g. after a reboot, or
under heavy CPU load) and see if any value change.

What I plan to do is use the constant parts of this dump to recognize
this chip, whatever it is, and prevent sensors-detect from declaring it
a MAX1617 or LM84 (the two easily misdetected chips of the ADM1021


Jean Delvare

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