Adm1030 driver

Mark Studebaker mds4 at
Sat Mar 27 15:43:48 CET 2004

This doesn't conform to either our 2.4 or 2.6 driver template in several ways:
	- no chip detection
	- no bus functionality checking
	- no conformance to sysfs guidelines
	- uses i2c_master_send rather than i2c_smbus_xxx
	- thermal control loop in kernel space
	- Apple-specific and keywest-specific code


Jean Delvare wrote:
>>Sure. The current version, which is quite limited, can be found at 
>>I have the docs, so I'll be able to add functionalities if needed.
> Mmm, as I read it, it doesn't belong to our i2c subsystem (well, it
> makes use of it but is really different from the hardware monitoring
> drivers we have). Usually our drivers are passive and simply export
> their registers, with some conversions, to sysfs. Any active behavior
> either belongs to the hardware, or to the userspace, but not to the
> driver, as you have done if I'm not mistaking.
> So to make it short, I don't think I'm qualified to review your code.
>>>Make sure
>>>you follow the sysfs naming conventions as found in
>>>Documentation/i2c/sysfs-interface of the same Linux tree.
>>I'm sure I don't ! But since someone is interested, I'll try to adapt.
> Oh well, this doesn't apply then. The sysfs interface is meant for our
> driver design, and obviously doesn't apply to yours at the moment.
> Unless you want to rewrite a driver that fits into our architecture.

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