GL520SM Problem

Daniel Heath dan at
Sat May 8 15:17:21 CEST 2004


I am attempting to hack together a 2.6 port of the GL520SM chip driver. 
I am a little confused as to the relationship between temp2_input, and
vin4_input values.  

The way I understand it, the GL520SM can either be configured to monitor
ambient temperature, or the 4th voltage input.  This is done by
setting/unsetting the 4th bit of the config register.

However when I set the mode bit, the value of the temp2_input register
does not change.  I would have expected it to switch over to the
vin4_input reading, and not remain the exact same value.  Also the
alarms do not trigger when the mode bit is set, and vin4_input is out of
range of vin4_max, and vin4_min.

Is there some kind of reset I have to do on the chip other than just
setting the mode bit?



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