Single fan sensor not detected

Bradley Schatz bradley at
Wed May 12 03:18:03 CEST 2004

> Which speed is the BIOS reporting for the "missing" fan? If it's
> really slow, you need a really big clock divider 8). Seems that you have
> already been trying that though?

Your smiley reminded me I hadnt tried a divisor higher than 4. V value 
of 8 starts giving a value for this. Solved!

> BTW:
>>-12V:     -14.24 V  (min = -12.63 V, max = -11.41 V)   ALARM
>>-5V:       -7.71 V  (min =  -5.28 V, max =  -4.81 V)   ALARM
> Obviously not monitored (look at your BIOS, I guess they don't show
> there at all) so you could add "ignore" lines for these in
> /ect/sensors.conf.

Thanks for the hint. Done.

>>M/B Temp:    +80°C  (low  =   +15°C, high =   +40°C)   sensor = thermistor
>>CPU Temp:    +96°C  (low  =   +15°C, high =   +45°C)   sensor = thermistor
> As hot has hell! Hardly believable. Maybe you need to change the sensor
> type?

Changing the sensor type starts to give negative temperatures. The it87 
& lm90  M/B temp are starting to agree. However the it87 CPU temp looks 
almost 2X the lm90 one.

>>M/B Temp:    +59°C  (low  =    +0°C, high =   +70°C)   ALARM
>>CPU Temp:  +67.6°C  (low  =  +0.0°C, high = +70.0°C)   ALARM
> Damn hot too, however. Where are you living? ;)

This is odd to me too. It is starting to approach winter here so the 
ambient temperature is not so high. I must compare the BIOS temps.
> Strange that the ALARMS show. Do they wear of on second read?

They do.

Thanks for your help Jean!


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