Jean Delvare khali at
Fri May 21 13:56:54 CEST 2004

> I made thiese driver in new module.   What is next to do? It's testet
> with kernel 2.4.26 and didn't added  laetes CVS. I'm redy to support
> thise driver and gona try to write savage driver (actualy i dont iven
> know why i need thees).

Well, please provide a patch against Linux 2.6.6-mm4. I'll review it and
if it's correct, we'll send it to Greg.

After that you'll need to provide user-space support and if possible
some docs. If you want to provide a 2.4 driver as well, this is welcome.

> And whan more quastion ... do yuo speek english only?

No, I speak French too, and can read German (but I can't pretend to
write it fluently).

> PS sensors-detect testet

Great :)


Jean Delvare

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