bad vid value

Jean Delvare khali at
Mon May 24 17:51:04 CEST 2004

>the vid value got correct with CVS version

Great :)

>I tried to load w83627hf driver but it failed with  'no such device'
>whereas it works well with i2c_isa and w83781d
>this means that the w83627hf driver tries to access devices that
>do not exist on my PC, could someone tell me which device nodes
>have to be created ? or which option the driver need to get the right
>device ?

No, it should work equally well. Causes could be:
1* You forgot to unload w83781d before loading w83627hf.
2* Your chip is actually using i2c-nforce2, not i2c-isa.
3* You chip is not a W83627HF and is not supported by the w83627hf driver.
4* Both drivers use different detection mechanisms. The w83627hf driver
relies on Super-I/O configuration, while the w83781d driver tries an
arbitrary ISA address.


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