Please list which file to etc/rc* file modiify

Jean Delvare khali at
Sun Nov 21 20:29:13 CET 2004

> Hi Jean,
> Hmmm. I'm going to butt in with a suggesstion. Using strace seems to
> me to be inherently user unfriendly (but it will of course give up the
> required tidbit of information).

True, this is user unfriendly and highly valueable for us developers.
strace will tell so much more than just where the configuration file is


> Would it make sense for sensors to print out the name of the
> configuration file as one of the first lines of output?

Not as part of the output, where I would consider it noise. However,
printing the information as part of "sensors --help" would be great,
agreed. I just added that (together with removing the default
configuration file locations list, and having only one default
configuration file, which sounds sufficent and saner).

> Disclaimer: I myself am new to the lm_sensors scene and I've never
> actually run sensors on any computer yet.

Feel free to voice in and, why not, provide some code if you have other
good ideas like this one :)


Jean Delvare

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