[PATCH] I2C Part 1 - Remove some redundancy from the i2c-core.c file

Corey Minyard cminyard at mvista.com
Fri Apr 1 00:03:51 CEST 2005

Ok, I have taken some time from suffering (packaging perl modules) to 
get back to this.

Here's a new patch with the debug calls removed, as you requested.



Jean Delvare wrote:

>Hi Corey,
>>Call i2c_transfer() from i2c_master_send() and i2c_master_recv()
>>to avoid the redundant code that was in all three functions.
>I like this. You're right, there is code duplication here, which we can
>get rid of, so let's do so. I'd only have one comments about your patch:
>You can get rid of the dev_dbg calls in i2c_master_send() and
>i2c_master_recv() altogether IMHO. I recently updated i2c_transfer() to
>make it more verbose in debug mode [1], so the debug messages in
>i2c_master_send() and i2c_master_recv() are mostly redundant now as far
>as I can see.
>[1] http://archives.andrew.net.au/lm-sensors/msg29859.html

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