parport driver

Jean Delvare khali at
Mon Apr 4 23:10:06 CEST 2005

Hi Andreas,

> Must confess that I am a little confused though, and the more I read
> the more insecure I get. Seems like Jean boiled the paralell port
> drivers (5) together some day back in 2003? Is that correct? What
> actually happened with the different access modes? Exactly what
> modules do I need to load to get my parallell port lines to speak i2c?

My unified i2c-parport driver handles all i2c-over-parallel-port devices
*except* the ones which have no electronics needed, which are handled by
i2c-pport (not in the kernel tree yet) which you just compiled. So go
with i2c-pport and don't use i2c-parport.

Providing that your pin wiring is correct, you should now be able to
drive whatever chip you connected to your bus using any of the various
chip drivers we have. Or you can test the bus using the i2cdetect
userspace tool. Or you can write your own userspace tool to have the i2c
bus do whatever you want. Which chips do you plan to connect on that
bus, BTW?

Jean Delvare

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