RFC: sysfs accesors: vid + vrm

Grant Coady grant_nospam at dodo.com.au
Wed Apr 6 06:45:39 CEST 2005

Hi there,

adm1026 needs trivial namechange to match the rest.

pc87360.c is odd as it does not use "i2c_which_vrm()" to preload 

I finally 'see' what Khali telling me for days, I did miss the 
i2c_which_vrm() call in setting up driver, going around in circles 
trying to make sense of vrm + vid.


grant at peetoo:/home/public$ egrep "vid|vrm" crossref_sysfs_driver.list
cpu0_vid                    asb100.c     R
cpu0_vid                    gl520sm.c    R <<== no matching accessor[1]
cpu0_vid                    it87.c       R
cpu0_vid                    lm78.c       R
cpu0_vid                    lm85.c       R
cpu0_vid                    lm87.c       R
cpu0_vid                    pc87360.c    R
cpu0_vid                    w83627hf.c   R
cpu0_vid                    w83781d.c    R
vid                         adm1026.c    R <<== odd one out for name
vrm                         adm1025.c    RW [2]
vrm                         adm1026.c    RW [2]
vrm                         asb100.c     RW [2]
vrm                         it87.c       RW [2] 
vrm                         lm85.c       RW [2]
vrm                         lm87.c       RW [2]
vrm                         pc87360.c    RW [3]
vrm                         w83627hf.c   RW [4]
vrm                         w83781d.c    RW [2]

[1] should it have sysfs writer?

[2] has "data->vrm = i2c_which_vrm();" to load vrm as well as sysfs

[3] has "data->vrm = 90;" or sysfs, no fallback to [2]

[4] more complex, with [2] as default after trying sensor chip

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