Sensors detected, modules load, but nothing reported in sensors

Jean Delvare khali at
Fri Apr 8 10:45:20 CEST 2005

Hi Jeffery,

> I have an iWill Zmaxdp (dual opteron) on the Nforce3 250 Pro chipset.
> Running sensors-detect, I found the following chips/buses:
> eeprom
> i2c-isa
> i2c-nforce2
> w83627hf
> it87

It's very unlikely that you would need both it87 and w83627hf. One of
these has to be a misdetection.

> I had sensors-detect create my configuration files, and ran rc-update
> add lm_sensors default.  Here is my output from sensors-detect:
> Driver `it87' (may not be inserted):
>   Misdetects:
>   * ISA bus address 0x0290 (Busdriver `i2c-isa')
>     Chip `ITE IT8705F / IT8712F / SiS 950' (confidence: 8)

Confirmed here. Do not load it87.

> Note that sensors-detect did not generate a module load for it87,

And quite rightly so, as it knew it was a misdetection.

> Any ideas?

Yes. Check /proc/ioports, see if something holds part of the 0x290-0x297
range. If there is something, try to recompile a kernel with
CONFIG_PNPACPI disabled. This is a known and reported problem waiting
for a solution:
The cause is IMHO a broken BIOS (or ACPI data thereof), so ideally the
motherboard manufacturers would fix their BIOS and the problem would go.
But I might be wrong.

Jean Delvare

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