ATXP1 kernel patch

Rudolf Marek R.Marek at
Sat Apr 9 18:26:19 CEST 2005

Hi Sebastian,

We are very sorry, we missed that ball is on our side.

Recently I found that ATXP1 register documentation was made
public. Or is public by mistake :)

I went through your 0.6 version and I generally agree with it.

Except the static inline int reg_from_vid(int val, int vrm)

We would like to have name:

vid_to_reg(int val, int vrm)

Please can you fix the name and post a patch only containing the i2c-vid.h
changes to: greg at and CC to sensors at
Do not put the patch to attachment let it be part of your message.
Please include short (one sentence) desciption what it does.
Dont forget the Signed-off-by: Sebastian Witt <se.witt at>

As for the driver, I think it is ready too. Repeat above for the driver,
just note in the email that it depends on previous patch.
(and dont forget to fix the function call :)

Create both patches for latest kernel (-mm- tree is enough).

Thank you.
Sorry for the delay.



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