Winbond W83792D driver

Mark Studebaker mds at
Sun Apr 10 02:10:29 CEST 2005

I'm sorry I'm not really familiar  with how subclients were done in 2.6, or 2.6 drivers in general.
I did a diff  between your w83792d.c and w83781d.c in the 2.6.11 kernel. 
I saw some differences in xxx_detect_subclients(). These may or may not make a difference.
Be sure you don't have any compile warnings about wrong pointer types.
One of the other guys on the list may be able to help you better.
good luck.

Huang0 at wrote:
> Dear MDS
>>haha I thought I had checked it in but I hadn't. Sorry.
>>the only difference in the two links is one has line numbers.
>>have a great tuesday :)
> Yes, I can see it this time, Thanks. I don't like Tuesday very much,
> I like Friday more. :-)
> Quoting MDS:
>>Since I am familiar  with the subclient registration, I will make
> those
>>changes in CVS.
> My 792 driver for linux-2.6 need your help. My 792 driver works well
> before I add the subclient related codes. But after I add the subclient
> registration, it can NOT work now, the error message when I load 792
> driver module are:
> Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 7be32e3a
> printing eip:
> c0158a1d
> ...... /* many error messages are omitted here */
> And the 792 module can NOT be removed any more except I reboot the OS:
> [root@ /usr/src/linux]# rmmod w83792d
> ERROR: Module w83792d is in use
> Would you please help me to check the subclient registration codes?
> since I'm not familiar with them. I added those codes by referring
> your codes in 792 driver for linux-2.4 and w83781d driver for linux-2.6.
> The attachment w83792d_old.c is the version before I adding subclient
> Registration, you may compare them to find the modification.
> Thanks
> Best Regards
> Chunhao

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