Ask for some information about motherboard ASUS NCLV-D

Huang0 at Huang0 at
Wed Apr 13 02:58:10 CEST 2005

Hi Rudolf

> No, this should be activated when you rebuild whole kernel and reboot
> machine.
> So you must check via dmesg comamnd or /var/log/something if you can
see that
> line.
> If you just patched and do not build the kernel (make bzImage) than it
> work :)

Yes, I know that, I have rebuilt the kernel before I do the debug and
you mail, including the "make bzImage" So the patch should have worked
if it can.

> > Where should I put these "printks"? You'd better give me more
> > about it.
> Like in that two routines:
> +static void __init asus_hides_smbus_devices(struct pci_dev *dev) {
> +       if (unlikely(dev->subsystem_vendor == PCI_VENDOR_ID_ASUSTEK))
> +                       switch(dev->subsystem_device) {
> +                       case 0x8117: /* ASUS server board (NCLV-D) */
> +                               asus_server_board_hides_smbus_devices
= 1;
> +                      asus_server_board_hides_smbus_devices
> break;
> +                       }
> +       }
> printk("Value of asus_server_board_devices: %d
> \n",asus_server_board_hides_smbus_devices);
> }
> And here:
> 	printk("In INTEL IO REGION QUIRK\n");
>          pci_read_config_dword(dev, 0x58, &region);
>          quirk_io_region(dev, region, 64, PCI_BRIDGE_RESOURCES+1);
> And maybe  here:
> +
> printk("oldval: %x\n",val);
> +               val&=~0x4; /* GPIO42 : 0 (Low) */
> +               val|=0x8;  /* GPIO43 : 1 (High) */
> printk("newval: %x\n",val);
> Now I think you will get it. We must find out if our new code is
> and if not what part failed.

OK, I see, I will continue the debug this afternoon or this night when
colleague CFLi is able to share that motherboard.

> > Yes, you are right, I find that the eeprom module works well if I do
> > do the "isaset" trick. But at this time, the 792 module does NOT
> Yes because it simply switches the bus to some other place. Just
imagine the
> bus as railroad
> and the multiplexer like a "railswitch". So when switched your train
will visit
> different stations,
> but some can remain the same :)

Yes, I know a little about it. My manager LHHsu explained it to me
He also told me: In 792 Windows driver, if we need the 792 information,
will switch the multiplexer to enable 792 chip, after we get the
from 792, we must switch it back as soon as possible, otherwise some of
other parts of the motherboard will be disabled.
I think this is the problem we meet now. :-(
Can we try to use the method in 792 Windows driver for reference?

> > Then do you know how to solve this problem? So that both the eeprom
> > 792 modules can work at the same time.
> No I cant Asus did not told us whole true. He messed with more devices
on the
> bus except the monitoring chip.
> When we will have our "quirk" working we can try to experiment or ask
Asus again
> what to do...

Do you mean that the mail I forwarded on 2005-03-09 from ASUS(in HTML
does NOT contain the enough information?
Then need I continue contact ASUS for their help? If you still need
their help,
I think we may continue ask them.

Best Regards

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