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Andrew Pollock me at
Wed Apr 13 12:21:58 CEST 2005

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 10:23:20AM +0200, Jean Delvare wrote:
> Hi Axel, Andrew,
> > > When are you planning to cut over? (Don't subscribe my archive email
> > > address, and you won't get duplicates).
> What is going to happen to the current archive after the switch? We have
> used it to point people to posts in various places (support ticket area,
> mailing-list posts, LKML and even BK commit comments), so it would be
> convenient if it could stay up for some more time. Also, having an
> additional archive can't hurt, so maybe we can keep it growing? Unless
> this is going to be a problem for Andrew, of course.

I'm happy to retain the existing archive for an indefinite period of time
for URL consistency purposes, however I don't really see the value in having
two sets of archives. If the new mailing list is Mailman and is
self-archiving, it's probably going to be sufficient?
> > How about this weekend? Is that OK with everybody?
> Fine with me (but in fact anytime is fine with me).
> Thanks,
> --
> Jean Delvare

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