Writing new driver for FM3104 on Cirrus 9301 processor

Cory Tusar ctusar at videon-central.com
Wed Apr 13 14:03:14 CEST 2005

Benny Chen wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have gone through much of the doco and really need your help. I am about
> to embark on writing a driver for the RTC and Watch Dog timer for our
> system.  I have some questions and hopefully you can help.
> In our system, the FM3104 chip’s SCL and SDA line are connected to the EECLK
> and EESDA (like GPIO) line on the processor.  Hence, I would need to use
> some bit bang algo to talk to the chip.  But I would want to maximise the
> use of existing code in the i2c directory but don’t know what I should be
> writing.    

There is already an existing EP93xx GPIO I2C adapter driver present in 
linux-cirrus-2.6 (I am unsure about 2.4).  I can verify it works on 
EP9301, EP9312, and EP9315.  Yes, it uses the bit-bang algo.


> 1.	For both the RTC and Watch dog drivers, do I need to write both the
> adapter driver and Driver driver  or just a driver like the ds1307.c?

Most likely, just the client driver.

> 2.	Which existing src would be a good template for me?

ds1337.c looks to be a fairly good example of implementing an integrated 
i2c client / character driver.

> 3.	The DS1307. c code, it do not have an i2c_adapter structure defined,
> Hence, how do it knows what algo it would use to talk to the DS1307 chip? 

Read and understand "Attaching to an adapter" and "The detect client 
function" in Documentation/i2c/writing-clients.  The algorithm used is a 
property of the adapter itself.


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