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Matthias Mohr mattze at
Fri Apr 15 11:04:34 CEST 2005


the motherboard is GA-8IDX Series from Gigabyte (Intel 845 AGPSet, P4 Titan 
Series). The kernel version is 2.6.5-7.147 and the sensors version is 
2.8.6-0.2. I don't know which version lm_senors is because I can't find it in 
Are there any .rpm packages for suse linux 9.1 pro so that I can install the 
newest version of lm_sensors (I have less experience in installing file 

Matthias Mohr

Am Donnerstag, 14. April 2005 22:37 schrieb Rudolf Marek:
> Hi again,
> Please tell us what motherboard you have and what kernel and what
> lm_sensors version are you using? In meanwhile you can try latest version
> we think it might help you (it do not reset the chip)
> Regards
> Rudolf

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